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Your website is your most important asset. It's the one thing that can make or break your business. We know this, so we offer a full suite of design services. Get a custom-designed website for your business today!


We offer a bespoke design service where we design your website at no extra charge either according to your mock that we create during our initial consultation or alternatively one of our team can create the site using our custom made templates.


Marketing is key to a successful site and increasing client reach. We provide social media and SEO support in our packages as well as customised business leaflets and cards. If you are looking to optimise the success of your business with a custom website and optional marketing materials look no further than Cassiopeix.

Extra Information

DEV SYSTEM Our developers work 24/7 to ensure your website functions how it is intended to and we are constantly applying the necessary updates to ensure user comfort and easy navigation of your site. SUPPORT One of our developers will be on hand to support you from the moment you contact us. We provide 5* customer service from start to finish. All queries are dealt with professionally and in a timely manner by our on call team who will be able to assist with any and all your website needs.


Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

The Editorial Package

If you are a business that already has a website that needs upgrading or modernising than look no further than our editorial package where we can re-vamp your site completely. We tailor this to your exact preferences offerring you full creative freedom.

Creative Control Package

Work with one of our developers 1:1 to create a custom mock up of your site allowing you full creative freedom to bring any idea you have to life without the limitations of a template build. With this mock up one of our developers will bring your ideas to life in the form of a fully functional secure website.

Fast Solutions

Easily create your own website We have ready-to-go templates for starting a blog, an ecommerce site, or an informational site. You can make your own tweaks to the design, or use our CSS editor to customize it even more!

At Cassiopeix we offer a variety of website and marketing packages that we tailor to your business’ individual needs offering you the creative freedom to design your site exactly the way you want it. With our free mockup service we work 1:1 with you to design your site and leave the rest up to us. We also understand as a business that time is precious. That is why we can offer a custom site build by one of our web designers who work closely with our web developers who have pre-made templates on hand to suit your needs. This is a great option for those looking to reduce cost and time. 

Why not book a consultation with one of our web developers who will be more then happy to assist you in finding the right package for your business? We will provide a free non obligatory quote today and can have your site live in a matter of days!


Highly intuitive and simple design solutions

We know you want to get started quickly with your project, which is why we offer easy-to-use website building tools with drag and drop functionality and minimal setup. Start designing your new site today!

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Digital Marketing

How to Identify the right package for your business?

To drive sales

A clean and modern built website makes its visitors feel comfortable browsing and shopping through a business. Increased user comfort leads to an increased interest and higher likeliness of purchase. Credibility is vital. A credible website makes all the difference in increasing a companies sales.

Promote your services

A website is the best place to include any and all information regarding your business. This includes products, service, images, videos, reviews and more. All the information a consumer needs is readily available in one easy to navigate place making a website the best place to promote your services.


Why Do You Need A Website?

The main way to make your business stand out is by having a high quality website that looks good, works well and that clearly communicates its content to consumers. With the world of business being an ever-growing part of the digital era there is no time like the present to build a website to support you with your business’ needs. 

Pricing Plan

Choose Package

All Packages are not included with the Subscription, the pricing below is just for the website design/builds. 

For Subscriptions on Hostings please contact us.

Starter Pack

£ 120.0 £10/Month

Full Access WordPress
2 Multiple User
24/7 Support
3 Pages Website
Free SSL
2 Pro Emails

Start-up Pack

£ 270.00 £22.50/Month

Full Access WordPress
2 Multiple User
24/7 Support
5 Pages Website
Free SSL
2 Pro Emails

E-commerce Pack

£ 399.00 £33.25/Month

Full Access WordPress
Woocommerce Set-up
20 Products Import
5 Multiple User
24/7 Support
7 Pages Website
Free SSL
5 Pro Emails

Small Business Pack

£ 599.00 £50/Month

Full Access WordPress
Woocommerce Set-up
Contact Us Form
8 Multiple User
24/7 Support
10 Pages Website
Free SSL
4 Pro Emails

Excellent service, super fast and efficient exactly what I was looking for. Very glad to have picked to work with their amazing team. Do recommend.


Got a website built by Cassiopeix and was very pleased with the work, came out exactly how I wanted and the Artwork/Design was amazing, very friendly customer service, answered all my questions within a timely manner. Overall very pleased would recommend them

Zain Aftab

I want to say huge THANK YOU to… I want to say huge THANK YOU to cassiopeix.They did an amazing job in such a short notice. The results were really good. Would definitely recommend to other. I will be using thier services again.


Excellent service and outcome The graphics team made me a custom logo for my business. Worked with me every step of the process. Very pleased.



    Promote Your Business

    Business promotion is key to increasing interest and demand for a brands product or services. Promotion allows for personal advertisement of your product or services. A website is the best way to advertise your business. Even if you are looking into using alternate advertising platforms such as google ads or facebook adds a website is key. You can link your site to your chosen advertising platform and people will be sent straight to your website where all the information people will need regarding your product or service is readily available for them to browse through and either get booked in or buy.


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    Get In Touch With Us Today If you do not already have a website or have one that is not performing as well as you would like it to. Contact us on email or through our contact us form to arrange a free consultation with one of our friendly expert web developers.


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